Australian Inspired Cafés are Revolutionizing the Brunch Sphere

Written by Monica Mercuri on March 29, 2018.

It is no secret that brunch is a large part of D.C. culture. As soon as a new brunch spot opens up, people flock to share their delicious meals on social media. The newest brunch fad that is taking over The District: Australian-Style cafés. While we are not quite ready for the Vegemite just yet, the industrial chic setting provides guests with Aussie inspired coffee drinks, juices and healthy café options that range from the classic Avocado toast to golden lattes.

Blustone Lane, which is situated in a corner of the West End Library, is located at 1100 23rd ST NW — a close walk from Washington Circle and the GW Foggy Bottom campus. Upon walking into the space, you are greeted by expansive windows that span from the floor to the ceiling. The decor is natural and bright, especially if you enjoy taking those instagram-worthy food pics (I feel ya).

First, I ordered a Beets Latte. I have never tried the combination of vegetable + latte, but I was eager to try it out after seeing many pictures of the pink drink on social media. For food options, I ordered the Collective Granola, which comes with granola of toasted oats, coconut chips, seed & nuts with Greek yogurt, citrus curd and seasonal fruit. On the side, I ordered two slices of their multi-grain bread with a honey and almond butter spread. I was ready to dig in.

Overall, my favorite dish was the Collective Granola. The granola was a little overpowering, but the Greek yogurt and citrus curd compensated for that. I also really enjoyed the combination of the almond butter and honey spread on top of the multi-grain toast. Next time, I am planning on trying one of their basked egg dishes, such as the Green Baked Eggs with chimichurri, cherry tomatoes, spinach, portobello mushrooms & feta, served in a hot skillet with multigrain toast.

Australian Coffee is a fresh alternative to your normal Starbucks stop. The Café’s emphasis on interior design and healthy ingredients is revolutionizing the brunch sphere in D.C. — moving away from fluffy pancakes to avocado toast.

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