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My name is Monica — I am a multimedia journalist and digital content strategist with experience covering news, entertainment & culture. I have authored bylines for national publications and magazines, interviewed influential players shaping the entertainment industry and worked alongside a team of project coordinators to create compelling social media content and marketing campaigns. I am a senior completing my bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Mass Communication at George Washington University’s School of Media & Public Affairs in Washington, D.C. Currently, I am a media & entertainment contributor for and also do freelance content strategy and copywriting.

This past summer, I was an editorial intern and reporter for Forbes Magazine, after starting as a contributor for the website. While at Forbes, I’ve worked on some of the magazine’s big lists, including the 2019 Celebrity 100 Issue and The World’s Highest-Paid DJs, and consulted with publicists, agents, managers, analysts and entertainment lawyers to create accurate wealth estimates. I was also able to conduct in-depth interviews with artists, as well as factcheck magazine features and investigative pieces.

I also previously worked at Billboard Magazine, where I contributed more than 150 articles relating to music, entertainment and music industry news. At Billboard, I authored compelling music features and premieres for, and carried out editorial duties for the print magazine. In 2017, I was a beauty and fashion freelancer for the online magazine StyleCaster, after starting as an editorial intern in the summer of 2017. At StyleCaster, I wrote articles focusing on beauty, fashion and entertainment.

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